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AC enclosure unit

The growing need for energy consumption to be reduced has lead to the creation of  high efficient air conditioners, whilst maintaining sturdiness, reliability and compactness, as happens with Protherm Indoor air conditioner for electrical enclosures.

CVE air conditioners, for Indoor applcations, are characterised by a smart design, a display for the information visualisation (except CVE03) and a condensate dissipating device (from CVE11 and CVE07S).

Thanks to the introduction of new components and of SEM and SEM² is possible to obtain up to 23% of energy saving, with an increase of the air conditioner’s cooling capacity.

Several installations
For Indoor electrical enclosures (Protherm Indoor CVE) and for Outdoor cabinets (Protherm Outdoor CVO)

Cooling Capacity
Wide range of cooling capacity: from 360W to 5600W, the largest range available on the market, with 9 available sizes

Wide choice of power supplies
The units are available in 115V, 230V e 400V/460V

Extended operating range
Protherm units can work in ambient with temperature between +20/+55 (CVE), -20/+55 (CVO, CE), -40 (CVO, UL)

Techno-Ref Exclusive distributor Cosmotece.


• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• ISO 50001
• UL Certificate
• EAC Air Conditioner
• Certificate F.GAS

AC enclosure unit
cooling pane
air conditioner enclosure
AC unit enclosure
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enclosure unit air condition
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