Slim In CDE



Slim In CDE

AC enclosure unit

Slim In CDE is the Cosmotec air conditioner range designed for external, semi-flush or flush installation, ideal where smaller overall dimensions and smaller depth outside the electrical enclosure are needed. The features of the units allow an easy and fast mounting of the air conditioner.

Slim In CDE: 360° flexibility

Cooling capacity range extension
From 500W to 4000W

Several installations for each need of space
The Slim In can be installed in external, semi-flush and flush configuration

Wide choice of power supply
Power supply 115V, 230V e 400V/460V are available

Extended operating range
Operating in site with temperature between -20°C (Low Noise version) and up to temperature 55°C/60°C, in order to cover all market requests

CE, UL Listed and EAC, ready for the export to all country in the world.

Techno-Ref Exclusive distributor Cosmotece


• ISO 9001
• ISO 14001
• ISO 50001
• UL Certificate
• EAC Air Conditioner
• Certificate F.GAS

AC enclosure unit
cooling pane
air conditioner enclosure
AC unit enclosure
مكيفات لوحات الكهرباء
enclosure unit air condition
لوكيل الحصري في مصر لوحدات Cosmotec الإيطالية لمكيفات اللوحات الكهربائية


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